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Is Hampton a Hedgehog Hotspot? 

Juvenile hedgehog by David Cooper
Juvenile hedgehog by David Cooper

Sunday 7th October was a busy day for hedgehog lovers in Hampton. 21 families, and extras who arrived unexpectedly, spent an afternoon trying to answer this question helped by Tara Higgs, a Hedgehog Officer working with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Solihull Council.  It was a chance to learn more about hedgepigs, hoglets, hibernation and how our village can help this threatened mammal.  Shockingly hedgehog numbers have decreased from 30 million in the 1950’s to 1 million today.  More than half of British people haven’t seen a hedgehog.  The decline is 30% in urban areas and 50% in rural areas. These creatures need help and fast.


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AGM followed by a talk on "Modern Planning Versus a Historical Village"

From Solihull MBC Draft Local Plan Review
From Solihull MBC Draft Local Plan Review

AGM followed by "Modern Planning Versus a Historical Village", an illustrated presentation by Mike Blomer, Chair of the Parish Council, on the major planning issues facing the village.

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