Petition: Keep our Green Belt GREEN Coventry & Warwickshire

If you believe the Coventry Local Plan does not do enough to protect the greenbelt, please follow this link to sign a petition raised by Merle Gering: Keep our Green Belt GREEN Coventry & Warwickshire. The Local Plan includes development on the greenbelt in Eastern Green so will encroach on the Meriden Gap, and, remarkably, it is based on assumptions of rapid population growth in Coventry which nobody believes. The petition is on the website, so anyone can take part - you don't have to live in Cov.


The petition "Build on brownfield first. Promise to protect our Green Belt. Put 'Brownfield First' into the Local Plan now." raised by Dr Walter Milner,  Chair of Keresley Parish Council, on the Coventry City Council website closed on 5 Dec with 42 votes.